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Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Overcoming Unbelief with Bakari Kamal 
Join us as Bakari opens up about his transition from the military to exploring different spiritual paths before rediscovering Christianity. He dives deep into the importance of having an honest relationship with God, the power of prayer and fasting, and the impact of seeking mentorship on his spiritual journey.
Bakari shares how building a strong spiritual foundation was instrumental in overcoming self-doubt and fear, ultimately leading him to pursue his calling as a digital storyteller and faith coach.
This conversation touches on themes of faith, perseverance, and the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. It's a raw and honest discussion that will inspire and encourage you on your own journey of faith and purpose.
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Sunday Apr 07, 2024

Courage & Confidence with Nicole Salmon
Join us for an enlightening conversation between Pastor and author Nicole and host Courage Molina as they discuss Nicole's journey as a young mother and the transformative power of faith. Throughout the episode, Nicole shares insights on the importance of a personal relationship with God, the role of community support, and the significance of embracing one's true identity in God. Plus, get a sneak peek into Nicole's upcoming book, 'Courage and Confidence,' which offers practical wisdom for navigating life's challenges with faith and resilience.
In this episode you will: 
Learn how to overcome obstacles and navigate life's challenges with unwavering faith and courage.
Discover the power of embracing your true identity as created by God, shedding limiting beliefs, and stepping into your purpose with confidence.
Understand the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive community to nurture your spiritual growth and journey.
Don't miss out on this inspiring episode! Listen to the full conversation to gain valuable insights from Nicole's journey and practical wisdom for your own life.
Connect with Nicole!
Order Courage and Confidence HERE!
IG: @nicolesalmon
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Sunday Mar 24, 2024

Overcoming the Fear of Failure with Gabrielle Smith 
Courageous Overcomers Podcast with Gabrielle Smith: Learn how to
overcome the fear of failure, embrace a growth mindset, and take action towards your goals. Gain valuable insights and practical tips for personal development and self-improvement. Tune in for inspiring stories and motivation to reclaim your courage and pursue success.
Are you tired of letting the fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams? In this empowering episode of the Courageous Overcomers Podcast, we sit down with Gabrielle Smith to explore practical strategies for overcoming the paralyzing grip of fear and stepping into your full potential.
Key Takeaways:
Acknowledge Your Fear: Gabrielle emphasizes the importance of acknowledging your fear of failure instead of trying to suppress it. Recognizing and accepting your fears is the first step towards overcoming them.
Shift Your Mindset: Learn how to reframe failure as a valuable learning experience rather than a negative outcome. Gabrielle shares insightful tips on adopting a growth mindset and embracing failure as an essential part of the journey to success.
Take Action: Don't let fear paralyze you into inaction. Gabrielle encourages listeners to take small, manageable steps towards their goals, even if it means facing failure along the way. Taking action builds confidence and resilience, ultimately leading to greater success. 
Thank you for joining us in this empowering episode with Gabrielle Smith!  We trust that her journey has ignited a spark within you, inspiring you to pursue your own path towards freedom and purpose.
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For further resources and to connect with Gabrielle click the link below and book your call today!  
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Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We're excited to continue bringing you empowering stories and transformative content. Until next time, remember to embrace your truth, walk boldly in freedom, and share your light with those around you.

Sunday Feb 11, 2024

 Overcoming Lies and Finding Freedom with Deborah Cheek
In this insightful episode, we dive deep into Debra Cheek's transformative journey as she founded Believing Wives Ministry. Debra candidly shares her
How Lies Create False Narratives We explore the danger of believed lies in creating false narratives, both about oneself and in relationships. Debra emphasizes the importance of uncovering the full truth, even when it might be uncomfortable, as a crucial step towards freedom.
Anchoring in God's Truth Debra shares her journey of anchoring herself in God's absolute truth. We discuss practical ways to internalize scripture, whether through writing, reading aloud, or other means, as a powerful strategy to combat internal lies and find lasting freedom.
Entering God's Healing Presence The episode concludes with a profound discussion on the healing journey. Debra highlights the necessity of surrendering fully to God's operating table and process. By exposing our wounds to Him, we invite complete restoration into our lives.
Closing Notes:
Thank you for joining us in this powerful episode with Debra Cheek, founder of Believing Wives Ministry. We hope her story has inspired and encouraged you on your own journey to freedom and purpose.
If you found value in today's episode, we'd love to hear from you! Please take a moment to rate, subscribe, and share this podcast. Your feedback helps us reach more listeners and spread the message of hope.
For additional resources and to connect with Debra, you can reach out to her through the Believing Wives Ministry website at
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Thank you for being a part of our community. We look forward to bringing you more empowering stories and transformative content. Until next time, remember to embrace the truth, walk in freedom, and share the light with others.
Stay connected, and God bless!

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

Unlocking Greatness: How Tajir Wharton Overcame Fear
In this inspiring episode, I had the privilege of chatting with Tajir Wharton, an exceptional entrepreneur, devoted father, loving husband, and a man deeply rooted in his faith. Tajir's journey to success was not without its hurdles, and the most significant obstacle he conquered was none other than the fear of being great.
As a student-athlete on the football team, Tajir found his muse in NFL legend Ray Lewis. This revelation sparked a transformation in his mindset, leading him to rise at 4 am daily for workouts before school. The dedication paid off, earning him the esteemed title of team captain, a testament to his leadership and perseverance.
Although Tajir aspired to make it to the NFL, life took a different turn. Landing a lucrative job, he indulged in a lifestyle of parties and strip clubs. It was in the midst of this scene that he heard a divine calling, redirecting him to the path he was meant to tread.
Tajir's resilience in the face of adversity is truly commendable. In our conversation, he graciously shared three invaluable tips to conquer the fear of greatness:
1. "Value your yesterday so your present can pipeline your future."2. Have faith.3. Always be loving.
Tajir Wharton can be found across platforms as The Coach Wharton. Dive into this empowering episode, and if you resonate with the message, don't forget to rate us and share your thoughts using the hashtag #CourageousOvercomers. Your journey to unveiling greatness begins here!

Monday Jan 08, 2024

 Depressed and Hopeless: How Daily Bible Reading Transformed My Life
   Welcome to a soul-nourishing episode of The Courageous Overcomers Podcast. Today's episode is close to my heart as we explore the profound impact of daily Bible reading on overcoming darkness and despair.
   Life often takes us through challenging seasons, and I've walked the difficult path of battling depression and hopelessness for years. It's a journey many of us know too well, where the weight of despair feels insurmountable.
   But amidst the darkness, an unexpected source of light entered my life – daily Bible reading. The simple act of engaging with Scripture daily became a transformative journey from despair to hope, from identity crisis to finding an unshakeable anchor in God.
   The Bible became more than just words on a page; it became a guiding light. As I immersed myself in God's faithfulness, promises, and unchanging love, the grip of despair began to loosen. Wisdom, truth, and purpose filled the void, reshaping my perspective on life.
   Daily Bible reading became the cornerstone of my transformation. It anchored me in God's truth, shaping me into a new person with a life that surpassed my darkest expectations.
   If you find yourself in the midst of struggle today, I urge you to open your Bible. Let God's Word speak into your life, guide you, transform you, and infuse you with hope. This simple habit changed my life, and it can change yours too.
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Thank you for tuning in to The Courageous Overcomers Podcast. Until next time! 

Friday Dec 29, 2023

TRAILER: The Courageous Overcomers Podcast
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Are you a determined individual, but still facing obstacles and resistance on your path to where God is leading you? Do you aspire to make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy for the kingdom?
Look no further, because you're in the right place. I am Coach Courage Molina, and this is The Courageous Overcomers Podcast. Every Sunday, I will share stories of triumph, resilience, and faith, along with practical steps, insights, resources, and tools to support you on your journey to greatness. Our special guests, ranging from athletes to doctors, speakers, and influencers, will share their personal stories of overcoming.
Plus, I am offering FREE coaching throughout 2024! Join our Patreon community for access to weekly assignments, monthly Q&A sessions, and video training. This community is the perfect environment to foster meaningful relationships and collaborations.
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